Is Something Rotten At Sports Experts? Please avoid shopping there for Xmas!

There are no bilingual signs hanging in Sports Experts or Atmosphere stores in the West Island of Montreal, where about 50% are English mother tongue and under 25% are French mother tongue.


Please consider doing the same!

Please share this blog far and wide, as Christmas shopping is now commencing, and from experience we have found that the best way to have retailers put up bilingual signs is simply to boycott them.

IF you can shop in Ontario and avoid paying Quebec sales tax please do so! Sales taxes are 2% less in ON.

While in ON buy your wine at the LCBO and save $$$. Buy your gasoline in ON and save as much as $0.20/litre.

Please share this blog far and wide!

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If you read The Suburban Newspaper (or look at the back issues) the following “Dynamic Duo” have been accomplishing quite a lot with acquiring respect for Anglos/Allos from retailers/restaurants.

Sometimes, in order to accomplish the goal of R-E-S-P-E-C-T, it is necessary for numerous individuals to join in and let their voices be heard. Now is one of those times as unfortunately we can not always rely upon our elected officials to speak up!

Originally Posted by <<The Dynamic Duo>>, English Rights Activists Harold Staviss and Ruth Kovac, on Facebook.


After complaining to Imperial Oil about their safety signage being only in French, we received a nasty and disgusting reply from Hubert Martens of their Customer Service Department stating that:

<< In Quebec, French is the language of business and the workplace. Under the provisions of the Charter of the French Language, employees are entitled to work in French, and consumers of goods and services have the right to be informed and served in French. Imperial Oil is proud of the fact that it was among the first of the major companies in Quebec to complete a francization program in compliance with the requirements of the charter. Imperial’s francization program ensures that in Quebec, French is our language of work and internal communications. We use French to communicate with our customers, suppliers, shareholders and the general public; that includes our signage at the pumps, on our billboards, and any other signs or posters inside and outside Esso branded service stations in Quebec…. Imperial Oil made the decision many years ago to use French as our language for any signs in our service stations in Quebec>>.

The other day, we happened to be at an Esso Service Station at the corner of Cote-Saint-Luc Road and Cavendish Boulevard (which happens to be in an English area of Montreal) and noticed that their credit card application forms, Esso Extra point card forms and all related pamphlets were only available in French.

When we asked the party in charge of the service station where the English ones were, she was extremely embarrassed to mention that none are ever delivered. This is not right. Why as non-Francophones do we have to stand for this garbage? Since Imperial Oil does not Respect Anglos and Allophones and could not care less about us, they DO NOT DESERVE OUR BUSINESS…THE TIME TO BOYCOTT IS NOW….

Please advise Messrs. Richard M. Kruger, Imperial Oil’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Hubert Martens, Customer Service Specialist and Larochelle, one of Esso’s Area Managers, ( and that you are boycotting Esso and their sole shareholder, Exxon Mobil Corporation (Exxon),  and shall encourage everyone you know to do the same as well, until such time that they begin to show Equal Respect to all their customers by having bilingual safety signs and bilingual information at their service stations in English areas of the Greater Montreal region, Laval and the South Shore.Please copy your email to so that we can see how many are boycotting ESSO/Exxon Mobil

If Imperial Oil does not hear from you, they will never know that you are boycotting Esso/Exxon.

Please share this blog via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Numbers Speak Volumes.

Enough is Enough. Assez c’est Assez.

Nb: If you have yet to sign the END THE OQLF petition, here it is:

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In the 18 years I’ve lived in this province I have never experienced what happened to me today. It had me mad, sad, and very emotional. I was with my family shopping at Old Navy at Les Promenades St Bruno and could not reach a pair of slacks so I asked the sales clerk in English “can I get some help please?” She says to me “je ne parle pas l’anglais , allez demander à quelqu’un d’autre” so I immediately ask again in French because I am fully bilingual and she says to me “Non, aller demander à quelqu’un d’autre” even after I spoke French she refused to serve me. I advised the manager who simply said “desole”. This was a sad, sad day for me 😦

Imagine going into an OLD Navy store and being treated rudely as such!

The employee told the customer “I don’t speak English.”

The customer then spoke in French and the employee told her to “Go ask someone else.”

The customer then went to the manager and the manager simply said; “Sorry.”

Old Navy refuses to post bilingual signs in Quebec. They show no respect for their English customers at all.

Feel free to go to the Facebook page of OLD NAVY and paste this blog into a comment/message:

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Is Something Rotten At Harvey’s?

English signage/menus are permitted under the provisions of the Charter of the French Language (Bill 101), yet Harvey’s restaurants in Quebec have ZERO ENGLISH, at all of them.

We find this to be insulting, especially in areas where Anglos are in the majority, or a significant minority!

Does Harvey’s wish to continue to insult those who prefer to communicate in English? What about tourists?

What does Harvey’s intend to do to rectify the situation?

Please feel free to ask them

Please ask them as well why they had a one special for Canada Day in 9 provinces, and another one for Quebec:

The last time that I checked, Quebec was still a part of Canada!

Ask yourself honestly. “Do I really want to eat this crap?”

Please forward this blog to others.

We will be organizing demonstrations outside of various Harvey’s Restaurants. If you would like to attend one please advise in a comment below (not to be published) in which area you would prefer to demonstrate.

Thank you!

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Is Something Rotten At Costco? Not anymore! :o) After 2 yrs of requests and activism we succeeded and Costco now has bilingual signs hanging in their Montreal outlets!

Mason Feb 2014 and Costco Ottawa 077Mason Feb 2014 and Costco Ottawa 078 June  August 31, 2015

After 41,706 views of this blog, 1,392 signatures on our petition, hundreds and hundreds of emails, calls, 2 demonstrations, several articles in The Suburban and lots and lots of help, we actually convinced the 2nd largest retailer in the world to post bilingual signs, and show us some respect!

If we can accomplish this with the 2nd largest retailer in the world, we can do the same with others!

If you have not signed either the Costco or End the OQLF petitions, please sign the following one and help fight against Quebec’s problem with xenophobia. We intend to now commence an effort to give Greater Montreal special status so that we can turn Quebec’s economy around!

Please share this blog and encourage everyone who has yet to sign either the Costco or End the OQLF petitions to sign the End the OQLF petition below!

The following is what appeared before we received visual confirmation of the above!

OK! Let’s have some fun! Spread the word. On the way out of Costco there is a suggestion box. From this day forth all members, no matter where they are should leave a comment in the box, such as the following!


Spread this blog by email, Facebook, Twitter or by pony express!

Here is the petition: BREAKING NEWS: On Saturday May 9, as we demonstrated upon public property next to Costco Pointe Claire, Costco demanded that we leave. We refused. Costco called the police. The police told Costco that we have every right to demonstrate upon public property!! We demonstrated much to the chagrin of Costco and we returned! 🙂 CTV took video!

If you are skittish about signing the petition, please take a look at signature #1060 IMHO, C. Mongrain is an example of the lowest form of life that exists in QC! 🙂

The above photos were taken at one of Costco’s Ottawa warehouses. Why does Costco show great respect for Francophones in Ottawa, but absolutely no respect for Anglophones in Montreal? Why do Costco warehouses in Ottawa have bilingual signs but only French ones in Montreal? Bilingual signs are legal. All that it is, is discrimination by Costco against Anglophones! The % age of Anglos  living on the Island of Montreal is greater than the % age of Francos (14%) living in Ottawa. In the West Island of Montreal, 50% are Anglos and only 20% are Francos, yet none of the description signs in Costco’s Pointe Claire warehouse are bilingual! The time has come to complain to Costco’s Vice President Marketing and their head of membership. Their email addresses follow.  Please sign and share our petition!! Save time! Only fill in the items marked with an * ! We actually caught Costco lying about having bilingual signs at their Montreal warehouses (letter below). There are no such signs in Montreal. In Montreal they are all in French. The only English signs are essentially “exit” and “membership”! 🙂 Why does Costco have Spanish signs in many of their US warehouses?


Will you write to Costco’s Vice President of Marketing and Membership and tell her what you think of her policy? The reply that we received from her was idiotic! 🙂 Will you cancel your Costco membership as I did? The following was received on July 27, 2013 from: Mathieu Legros, Costco’s Director of Membership Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. To answer your concern we do have signage in both languages for our three bilingual warehouses in Montréal: Pointe-Claire, Marché Central and Montréal Downtown. There are some exceptions but the majority of the signs are bilingual. Could you please call me at your earliest convenience so I can review with you our signage system. We value your business and thank you for your loyalty. Mathieu Legros Director of Membership – Central Marketing Directeur Service des adhésions (613) 221-2270 | Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd. 415 West Hunt Club Road, Ottawa, ON K2E 1C5 One Costco client did an audit of Costco’s Bridge Street location. There were only four bilingual signs. One was “Exit”. Another was “Membership”. Does that constitute “a majority”? After showing to Mr. Legros that his statement was incorrect, he advised that bilingual signs would be posted in Montreal. They never were. Why does Costco not have English signs in their stores in Montreal, Quebec, Canada when it has Spanish signs at many of their US warehouses? Is Spanish an official language of the USA? Canada has two official languages-English and French. Why does Costco show respect for their Spanish speaking members in the US, but not for their English speaking ones in QC?   English signs are not against the law in Quebec, though there is a lunatic fringe that would like to change that! Why does Costco cater to the lunatic fringe, and not to their members? If you are a member of Costco, do you really purchase enough to warrant the annual $63.24 (tax incl.) membership fee? If you have your doubts I strongly encourage you NOT to re-join Costco and see if you miss them. MORE important than that you must tell V-P Marketing Lorelle Gilpin, exactly why you are not renewing. Here is the reply that Costco Canada’s V-P Marketing/Membership has been sending out. NOTE: There is absolutely 0 illegal about posting English signs at retail outlets in QC: Thank you for taking the time to share your views with us. As a Costco member, you know that we have been operating warehouses in Quebec since 1986. We currently have 19 warehouses and many loyal members in Quebec. While we try to always be mindful of the concerns our members bring to our attention, it is of course a balancing act between finding the best way to operate our business in Quebec in compliance with the law, and responding to those concerns. Although some members may disagree with our position on signage, we do try to ensure that written communications with our members in Quebec are available in the language of their choice. We appreciate that you took the time to bring your questions regarding signage in our Quebec warehouses to our attention. I sincerely hope that you will continue to make use of your Costco membership. Yours truly, Lorelle Gilpin Vice President, Marketing and Membership IKEA in Montreal now has bilingual signs, so why not Costco? Target, Walmart, Sears, The Bay, l’Equipeur all have bilingual signs, some because of our efforts, so why not Costco? On August 21, 2014 I finally asked Costco to cancel our membership. I do not appreciate being treated as a second class customer and paying $63.24/yr. for it! Do you? Now please feel free to check out the stupidity of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation (in the blog below)!

Mason Feb 2014 and Costco Ottawa 079Mason Feb 2014 and Costco Ottawa 076

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Is Something Rotten At Subway? NOPE! :o)

About 28 months ago an effort began to have Subway post bilingual menus. Many people contacted Subway regarding this matter, and Harold Staviss and Ruth Kovac continued to contact Subway behind the scenes.

As a result Subway has decided to see that bilingual menues will be on display and hopefully at all of their Montreal area locations!

Here is a release from The Suburban concerning this:–subway-to-launch-bilingual-menu-boards/article_81113d94-5263-5295-a230-74a59df957e2.html

Please spread this good news to retailers that refuse to post bilingual signs in Montreal!

Please share the END THE OQLF petition:


Why does Subway treat their potential English speaking clients in Montreal as if we are dirt?

SUBWAY refuses to post Bilingual menus in Montreal but in the UK 185 SUBWAYs no longer serve ham because Muslims requested it!

Link to that story appears way below!

Subway has been asked why they do not have any English menu signs in their Montreal outlets. PLEASE NOTE THAT DAGWOOD’S HAS BILINGUAL MENUS ON THEIR WALL.

Subway replied as followsPlease feel free to forward them the blog and tell them what you think about their policy:

Communications Subway Quebec <>

Jul 8, 2013

to me

Thank you for taking the time again to share your comments with Subway. As per your question why our menus are not bilingual, we decided to stay with only French to have more visual appealing images of our products (a bit like McDonalds) than a lot of text cluttering the panels. We want to reiterate that all our multi-lingual customers are as important as our French customers and for that reason we privilege the images of our products versus text printing for easy visual clarity.


Hoping that we can continue to count amongst our valued customers.




Does Subway wish to continually insult those who prefer to communicate in English? What about tourists?

SUBWAY has been asked if they would consider printing plasticized menus in English, so that they will have menus for tourists/etc to comprehend. They were also asked for French ones for their Ontario outlets, where there are a numerous number of French speakers. There has been no acknowledgment, but we do hope to receive a response. (No response yet and it has been 2 years.)

While McDonald’s has made changes in Anglo areas, Subway hasn’t.

Meanwhile, in 185 outlets in the UK SUBWAY no longer serves ham because Muslims have requested it!

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Is Something Rotten At Second Cup?

Second Cup was recently asked; “Why are there no English signs in your Montreal outlets?”

FROM the President of Second Cup:
Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the French-language signage in our Montreal cafés. We want to assure you that any decisions we make that can affect the customer experience in our cafés are made with an eye to balancing a number of considerations. With respect to the signage and menu boards in our cafes in Quebec we need to ensure they:
Comply with the language laws of Quebec, including the Charter of the French Language. These allow for French-only signage unless bilingual signage is required by the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, such as in federal buildings (where our cafés do have bilingual signage).
Meet the practical needs of our customers. We chose to provide French-language signage for greater legibility. Due the number of menu items listed on our café boards, it would be difficult to list them in both English and French while still being easily read.
Nonetheless, we do appreciate that we have important customers like you who prefer to obtain information and communicate in English. To meet their needs our sales associates are pleased to provide assistance to customers in their preferred language. In fact, many of our sales associates are tri-lingual.
Please know that decisions made with respect to signage or other factors that could affect the customer experience are considered very carefully. We encourage you to ask our sales associates for assistance in English to help you make your preferred menu choices.
Thank you again for taking the time to provide your feedback.
Best regards,
Stacey Mowbray
Bilingual signs are allowed in Quebec. French must be predominant but English is perfectly legal.
Does Second Cup wish to continually insult those who prefer to communicate in English? What about tourists?
Second Cup has been asked if they would consider printing plasticized menus in English, so that they will have menus for tourists/etc to comprehend. They were also asked for French ones for their Ontario outlets, where there are a numerous number of French speakers.
If you wish to inform Second Cup about your feelings:
Will Second Cup be showing respect in the future for linguistic minorities wherever they happen to be in Canada?


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