Is Something Rotten At Starbucks?

Second Cup has bilingual menus in their Montreal locations where they have an abundance of English speaking clients.


Why does Starbucks treat their English speaking clients with less respect than their French speaking ones?

The Bay, Sears, Walmart. Canadian Tire, l’Equipeur, IGA, Provigo, Dagwood’s and many other retailers/restaurants treat their English speaking clients with respect. Why not Starbucks?

To let Starbucks know exactly how you feel please go to Starbuck’s Facebook page and tell them exactly what you think.

Activist Harold Staviss just posted on Facebook (March 25/16):

“The below was sent to me by a friend of mine. Starbucks does it yet once again. French only brochures at their Sherbrooke and Claremont Street location in Westmount. Majority Anglophone area yet Starbucks continues to kowtow to the OQLF and show a total lack of Respect to their Anglo and Allo clientele. Want an English brochure, go on line was the employees reply when my friend asked for an English brochure. What a shame that Starbucks continues to discriminate. Can you imagine if we changed language for color? This is totally unacceptable. Boycott Starbucks and give your $ to SecondCup as their signage is totally bilingual.”


4 Responses to Is Something Rotten At Starbucks?

  1. David says:

    This is unacceptable for Starbucks to publish only in French and not bilingual in Quebec !
    What is wrong and why this disrespect.
    I will most certainly not buy there anymore !

  2. Mark Engels says:

    Well, Starbucks has never had my respect anyway. Meh coffee. Kills small, local independents like Wal-Mart does. Now this. Keep all the profits in Canada, and go for equally meh coffee at Second Cup or and much better independent coffee house.

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