Dear Sir,

Thank you for your note and for bringing the situation to our attention. We have contacted the customer and offered him our apologies for this incident. This was an isolated occurrence and does not reflect the service provided to our customers at this supermarket or in any of our Metro stores.

We also thank you for your comments regarding the signage in our store and have taken note of your suggestions.

Yours truly,


December 14

On December 7, “an elderly gentleman” seemingly was told to F Off for asking a question of an employee in English at the Metro in Pincourt.

The following paragraph was written by a witness (Heather Czerkawski) and the second paragraph was written by her husband, Eric Reid (also a witness). You are encouraged to write to Metro (link below) and ask them what they intend to do. You may wish to consider informing METRO that you will NOT be shopping at any METRO until this matter has been rectified. Please be polite:

I am gutted at what Eric and I had to witness tonight. Metro on Cardinal-Leger in Pincourt Qc must take action on their employee at the chicken counter. An elderly man was told to F off because he didn’t speak French. While to most this is a simple language issue, to me it’s more. It is about how you behave at your place of work and about respecting your elders. You are entitled to have any political belief you want, but the second you come to work you need to put it aside and respect your customers and coworkers. Not just because it’s the mature thing to do but because it’s the right thing to do. This man just wanted to buy his dinner! Instead he was discriminated against for language. In the world we live in today is language really the priority??? This ignoramus working the chicken counter has tarnished a store and a brand. I was at the cash and able to hear this employee screaming at the customer. I could also hear the man standing up for himself … Something I would not have been able to do. 

“He kept screaming if you don’t speak french get out and kept repeating the same sentence , to boot the management defends him they told me well its not his fault he doesn’t speak English , I said I don’t care if you speak french English or German the point is he yelled out if you don’t speak french get out and refused to serve this gentleman who just wanted dinner.”


Here is Metro’s email address:  

Be sure to mention their outlet in Pincourt, QC! 

METRO does NOT want you to share this post for obvious reasons. They operate stores in Ontario under the names Farm Boy and Metro. The above happened on December 7 and we are still waiting to hear from Metro!

AFTER you contact METRO and share this blog, PLEASE sign and share the END THE OQLF petition and the one regarding the lack of bilingual signs at some of The Bay’s outlets in Montreal!*********************************************************


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I have been primarily a charity activist since 1988. My activism has raised in the $150 million area since 2000. My ideas bring in more than that amount to charities every year. I have also been an Anglo rights activist in Quebec (and to a large degree) since around 2012. "Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose conscience approves his actions will pursue their principles unto death." Thomas Paine; Everyone should read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and become activists. Activists have fun and bring about change for the better!
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  1. Richard Kake says:

    This employee should be ashamed of himself and also show some respect to his elders. The store manager owes a big apology to this client

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