Is Something Rotten at Bento Sushi?


Linda S. wrote upon Facebook: “How nice. Just sitting in the food court at Fairview Pointe Claire and noticed that all English has been removed from the menu at Bento Sushi. Nice way to value your English customers. A few weeks ago their menu was posted in both languages. Just another establishment to avoid.”

She wrote to Bento Sushi and received:

Hi Linda,

Thank you for taking the time to write to Bento’s feedback to address your concerns.

I’m sorry for your bad experience with us. When designing these menu boards we looked at how the other food companies in the mall were doing their signage, and the majority were French only so we went that route. When we look at re-designing the menu boards in the future we will strongly consider adding in the English translation.

Best regards,

Alma Mendoza│Marketing Coordinator

Personally I think that Ms. Mendoza replied without giving the matter too much thought.

Please feel free to write to Alma Mendoza at and tell her what you think of her reply!


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