If you read The Suburban Newspaper (or look at the back issues) the following “Dynamic Duo” have been accomplishing quite a lot with acquiring respect for Anglos/Allos from retailers/restaurants.

Sometimes, in order to accomplish the goal of R-E-S-P-E-C-T, it is necessary for numerous individuals to join in and let their voices be heard. Now is one of those times as unfortunately we can not always rely upon our elected officials to speak up!

Originally Posted by <<The Dynamic Duo>>, English Rights Activists Harold Staviss and Ruth Kovac, on Facebook.


After complaining to Imperial Oil about their safety signage being only in French, we received a nasty and disgusting reply from Hubert Martens of their Customer Service Department stating that:

<< In Quebec, French is the language of business and the workplace. Under the provisions of the Charter of the French Language, employees are entitled to work in French, and consumers of goods and services have the right to be informed and served in French. Imperial Oil is proud of the fact that it was among the first of the major companies in Quebec to complete a francization program in compliance with the requirements of the charter. Imperial’s francization program ensures that in Quebec, French is our language of work and internal communications. We use French to communicate with our customers, suppliers, shareholders and the general public; that includes our signage at the pumps, on our billboards, and any other signs or posters inside and outside Esso branded service stations in Quebec…. Imperial Oil made the decision many years ago to use French as our language for any signs in our service stations in Quebec>>.

The other day, we happened to be at an Esso Service Station at the corner of Cote-Saint-Luc Road and Cavendish Boulevard (which happens to be in an English area of Montreal) and noticed that their credit card application forms, Esso Extra point card forms and all related pamphlets were only available in French.

When we asked the party in charge of the service station where the English ones were, she was extremely embarrassed to mention that none are ever delivered. This is not right. Why as non-Francophones do we have to stand for this garbage? Since Imperial Oil does not Respect Anglos and Allophones and could not care less about us, they DO NOT DESERVE OUR BUSINESS…THE TIME TO BOYCOTT IS NOW….

Please advise Messrs. Richard M. Kruger, Imperial Oil’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Hubert Martens, Customer Service Specialist and Larochelle, one of Esso’s Area Managers, ( and that you are boycotting Esso and their sole shareholder, Exxon Mobil Corporation (Exxon),  and shall encourage everyone you know to do the same as well, until such time that they begin to show Equal Respect to all their customers by having bilingual safety signs and bilingual information at their service stations in English areas of the Greater Montreal region, Laval and the South Shore.Please copy your email to so that we can see how many are boycotting ESSO/Exxon Mobil

If Imperial Oil does not hear from you, they will never know that you are boycotting Esso/Exxon.

Please share this blog via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Numbers Speak Volumes.

Enough is Enough. Assez c’est Assez.

Nb: If you have yet to sign the END THE OQLF petition, here it is:


About pafmurray

I have been primarily a charity activist since 1988. My activism has raised in the $150 million area since 2000. My ideas bring in more than that amount to charities every year. I have also been an Anglo rights activist in Quebec (and to a large degree) since around 2012. "Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose conscience approves his actions will pursue their principles unto death." Thomas Paine; Everyone should read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and become activists. Activists have fun and bring about change for the better!
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  1. Linda Telfer says:

    This is the email I send to the companies that I read about on your blog.

    Please note that myself, family and friends will starting immediately boycott all XXXXX Products and Services until you treat the Anglophone community of Quebec respect.
    We are also clients and refuse to be ignored by large companies that choose to only demonstrate their products and services in French only.

    It is not illegal to have these services in English, but if you choose this, we will boycott your products.

    Linda Levesque Telfer

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  3. B. macKenzie says:

    I and my family and friends in Eastern Canada,Quebec, Alberta and BC immediately have boycotted Imperial Oil and
    Esso products

  4. Roger Jones, P.Eng. says:

    That’s it! Enough! As an ex-Quebecker, now in Toronto, I will not buy any more Esso gasoline with my fleet card. Actually, no scarifice for me as my credit card gives me equal discount as the Esso fleet “dongle”, the only scarifcie is that I have to enter the number at the pump… no big deal! Esso, your should be ashamed of yourselves.

  5. Mayer says:

    It Is Ironic that we see Arabic , Chinees , Greek , Hindoo and a few other Languages in Large letters and simbols on store fronts and windows advertizing their goods ,
    BUT if we do that in English, they will break our windows and close down our store ,
    where is the legal system ??

  6. Mike says:

    Quebec has been dying a slow death for 45 years. Keep those idiotic language laws in place and we will slide into oblivion, while the rest of the world is open for business.

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