Is Something Rotten At Costco? Not anymore! :o) After 2 yrs of requests and activism we succeeded and Costco now has bilingual signs hanging in their Montreal outlets!

Mason Feb 2014 and Costco Ottawa 077Mason Feb 2014 and Costco Ottawa 078 June  August 31, 2015

After 41,706 views of this blog, 1,392 signatures on our petition, hundreds and hundreds of emails, calls, 2 demonstrations, several articles in The Suburban and lots and lots of help, we actually convinced the 2nd largest retailer in the world to post bilingual signs, and show us some respect!

If we can accomplish this with the 2nd largest retailer in the world, we can do the same with others!

If you have not signed either the Costco or End the OQLF petitions, please sign the following one and help fight against Quebec’s problem with xenophobia. We intend to now commence an effort to give Greater Montreal special status so that we can turn Quebec’s economy around!

Please share this blog and encourage everyone who has yet to sign either the Costco or End the OQLF petitions to sign the End the OQLF petition below!

The following is what appeared before we received visual confirmation of the above!

OK! Let’s have some fun! Spread the word. On the way out of Costco there is a suggestion box. From this day forth all members, no matter where they are should leave a comment in the box, such as the following!


Spread this blog by email, Facebook, Twitter or by pony express!

Here is the petition: BREAKING NEWS: On Saturday May 9, as we demonstrated upon public property next to Costco Pointe Claire, Costco demanded that we leave. We refused. Costco called the police. The police told Costco that we have every right to demonstrate upon public property!! We demonstrated much to the chagrin of Costco and we returned! 🙂 CTV took video!

If you are skittish about signing the petition, please take a look at signature #1060 IMHO, C. Mongrain is an example of the lowest form of life that exists in QC! 🙂

The above photos were taken at one of Costco’s Ottawa warehouses. Why does Costco show great respect for Francophones in Ottawa, but absolutely no respect for Anglophones in Montreal? Why do Costco warehouses in Ottawa have bilingual signs but only French ones in Montreal? Bilingual signs are legal. All that it is, is discrimination by Costco against Anglophones! The % age of Anglos  living on the Island of Montreal is greater than the % age of Francos (14%) living in Ottawa. In the West Island of Montreal, 50% are Anglos and only 20% are Francos, yet none of the description signs in Costco’s Pointe Claire warehouse are bilingual! The time has come to complain to Costco’s Vice President Marketing and their head of membership. Their email addresses follow.  Please sign and share our petition!! Save time! Only fill in the items marked with an * ! We actually caught Costco lying about having bilingual signs at their Montreal warehouses (letter below). There are no such signs in Montreal. In Montreal they are all in French. The only English signs are essentially “exit” and “membership”! 🙂 Why does Costco have Spanish signs in many of their US warehouses?


Will you write to Costco’s Vice President of Marketing and Membership and tell her what you think of her policy? The reply that we received from her was idiotic! 🙂 Will you cancel your Costco membership as I did? The following was received on July 27, 2013 from: Mathieu Legros, Costco’s Director of Membership Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. To answer your concern we do have signage in both languages for our three bilingual warehouses in Montréal: Pointe-Claire, Marché Central and Montréal Downtown. There are some exceptions but the majority of the signs are bilingual. Could you please call me at your earliest convenience so I can review with you our signage system. We value your business and thank you for your loyalty. Mathieu Legros Director of Membership – Central Marketing Directeur Service des adhésions (613) 221-2270 | Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd. 415 West Hunt Club Road, Ottawa, ON K2E 1C5 One Costco client did an audit of Costco’s Bridge Street location. There were only four bilingual signs. One was “Exit”. Another was “Membership”. Does that constitute “a majority”? After showing to Mr. Legros that his statement was incorrect, he advised that bilingual signs would be posted in Montreal. They never were. Why does Costco not have English signs in their stores in Montreal, Quebec, Canada when it has Spanish signs at many of their US warehouses? Is Spanish an official language of the USA? Canada has two official languages-English and French. Why does Costco show respect for their Spanish speaking members in the US, but not for their English speaking ones in QC?   English signs are not against the law in Quebec, though there is a lunatic fringe that would like to change that! Why does Costco cater to the lunatic fringe, and not to their members? If you are a member of Costco, do you really purchase enough to warrant the annual $63.24 (tax incl.) membership fee? If you have your doubts I strongly encourage you NOT to re-join Costco and see if you miss them. MORE important than that you must tell V-P Marketing Lorelle Gilpin, exactly why you are not renewing. Here is the reply that Costco Canada’s V-P Marketing/Membership has been sending out. NOTE: There is absolutely 0 illegal about posting English signs at retail outlets in QC: Thank you for taking the time to share your views with us. As a Costco member, you know that we have been operating warehouses in Quebec since 1986. We currently have 19 warehouses and many loyal members in Quebec. While we try to always be mindful of the concerns our members bring to our attention, it is of course a balancing act between finding the best way to operate our business in Quebec in compliance with the law, and responding to those concerns. Although some members may disagree with our position on signage, we do try to ensure that written communications with our members in Quebec are available in the language of their choice. We appreciate that you took the time to bring your questions regarding signage in our Quebec warehouses to our attention. I sincerely hope that you will continue to make use of your Costco membership. Yours truly, Lorelle Gilpin Vice President, Marketing and Membership IKEA in Montreal now has bilingual signs, so why not Costco? Target, Walmart, Sears, The Bay, l’Equipeur all have bilingual signs, some because of our efforts, so why not Costco? On August 21, 2014 I finally asked Costco to cancel our membership. I do not appreciate being treated as a second class customer and paying $63.24/yr. for it! Do you? Now please feel free to check out the stupidity of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation (in the blog below)!

Mason Feb 2014 and Costco Ottawa 079Mason Feb 2014 and Costco Ottawa 076


About pafmurray

I have been primarily a charity activist since 1988. My activism has raised in the $150 million area since 2000. My ideas bring in more than that amount to charities every year. I have also been an Anglo rights activist in Quebec (and to a large degree) since around 2012. "Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose conscience approves his actions will pursue their principles unto death." Thomas Paine; Everyone should read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and become activists. Activists have fun and bring about change for the better!
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75 Responses to Is Something Rotten At Costco? Not anymore! :o) After 2 yrs of requests and activism we succeeded and Costco now has bilingual signs hanging in their Montreal outlets!

  1. Lou F. W. Israel says:

    I NEVER shop at a French-only store,. and usually tell them exactly why. French only is NOT THE LAW, and if it became law, it woudl be unconstitutional.

    • yerall nuts says:

      Lou, that’s fine, because the laws we have are already unconstitutional. That’s why they need to invoke the ‘notwithstanding’ clause and why both Amnesty International an the UN have sanctioned Canada over our language laws.

  2. Kim says:

    True Costco doesn’t have English signs, especially for description of items and that is annoying. But one thing that upsets me the most is that Costco is have less and less English books, especially for children.I use to always count on Costco to get good English books at a good price. Now I spend my money elsewhere in Ontario or the US

    • Debbie says:

      I so agree with you Kim. Our Costco in St Constant is only French and like you I used to buy English books at Costco but not in this store. I even filled out a complaint form and nothing has changed. I have stopped going to Costco. Our new Walmart in Chateauguay is the same. At Christmas there were tons of French Christmas kids books but no English. I find this discusting.

      • Talia says:

        I agree Debbie I live out here too and will simply give,my business to Ontario and NY from now on.

      • pafmurray says:

        Did you tell this to Gilpin? I cancelled my membership months ago 11 mos into the membership and they gave me the whole amount paid back! 11 mos free membership!

      • yerall nuts says:

        Debbie, not going to the merchant is not going to accomplish anything unless you, and all your friends tell them you are no longer shopping there, and explain why.

  3. Anne says:

    Given that Costco is originally and American chain, I wonder if the head offices in the US are aware of the anti-English attitude here in Quebec. I suspect they are being lied to.

  4. i don’t shop at costco

  5. Johnny says:

    People shoud never shop at COSTCO….irregardeless of the language of the signs… It is just an AMERICAN CAPITALIST TRAP to empty ones wallets by buying junk that we do not need…..

  6. Donna says:

    Another Costco trick is sending you a renewal 3 months before your membership is up ! They count on people not remembering when they last renewed! It happened to us twice so now we keep the receipt of payment with us at all times and wrote the date of renewal on the card ! Now when they tell us at the cash that we have to renew before charging our purchase we pull out our invoice as proof !! BE CAREFUL !!

  7. James D says:

    Costco has lost several of us as customers due to their refusal to acknowledge the English speaking customers in Quebec. KISS MY ASS COSTCO I will never shop there again! “You sold out to the French Language Nazi’s”

    • pafmurray says:

      I heard from a Costco V-P last night. He asked for an explanation. Hopefully Costco will see the light and act accordingly. Time will tell.

      • pafmurray says:

        Costco’s Canadian V-P Marketing replied the following day with an idiotic response and it is up to the masses to tell Costco that we are insulted by the lack of English signs at their Montreal warehouses.

      • TenOfZero says:

        any chance we could see the response ?

      • pafmurray says:

        Certainly! Send an email to Costco V-P Lorelle Gilpin and ask her why her warehouses in Ottawa have bilingual signs over all of their products, while in Montreal there are none. She will send you her file letter. Let us know what you think of it after it arrives

  8. Dawn says:

    Our wonderful Prime minister has sold out Canadians to the USA and does not really give a rats ass about Canada is the first problem. Quebec language laws have caused us the second big problem that us Anglophones are second class citizens, Anyone running a business in Quebec is threatened and harassed if they serve in English. It is the same problem with all the other crappy American stores that have come here and closed down our Canadian stores. The American philosophy is all about the almighty dollar. They do not care about much else. so for us to boycott all of these stores would be a way of getting rid of them. It is not just Costco, Walmart, Sears, Olgivies these are all American owned stores invading us. We all need to make purchases and they know it. So our hard earned money is spent looking for the best prices. These stores offer that. We sacrifice our hard earned dollars on better prices and lousy service. Or pay top dollar for English customer care. what a sad state of rudeness and ignorance is what we live with today! 😦

  9. I shop at Costco all the time here in Montreal, and I have only had a pleasant experience. I am always spoken to in English, and there are plenty of English books for me to choose from. In fact, I recall a French lady complaining recently because the Geronimo Stilton books were in cheaper multi-packs than were available in French. I think some people just like to complain. English account for only 8% of the population of Quebec, so if they don’t want to cater to us, I have no problem with that. Of that 8%, at least half is fluently bilingual, if not more.

    • pafmurray says:

      This blog has absolutely 0 to do with service in English, or the availability of English books. While English may account for 8% in QC, my personal concern was in Pointe Claire (West Island) where 50% are Anglo and 20% Franco. Why is it that in Ottawa where 14% are Franco that Costco posts bilingual signs, but in areas of Montreal having a much greater percentage of Anglophones, there are no bilingual signs? Do the Franco members of Costco deserve to be treated with greater respect than the Anglo members in Montreal? Please note that the %age of Anglos in the Greater Montreal area is the same 14% as Francos in Ottawa. On the Island of Montreal the %age of Anglos is obviously greater than 14%. A year ago I asked Costco to post bilingual signs at their Ottawa and Montreal warehouses. Note that the Ottawa warehouses have bilingual signs, while Montreal doesn’t. By not being a member of Costco I will actually save $$. I suspect that most empty nesters would save $$$ as well.

      • Bonnie says:

        Oops. Sorry, I only shop in the Laval Costco when I mentioned no English books above. I don’t know what the percentage of Anglos is in Laval but Chomedey has quite a large population of Anglos and I hear a lot of English in the Laval store!

      • pafmurray says:

        Feel free to email Gilpin and complain! She needs to hear from unhappy people :o)

    • pafmurray says:

      Sean; I think that you have missed the point with this matter. Yes we are 8% of the population of Quebec. In the West Island where Costco has a warehouse there are no bilingual product signs. 50% of the population of the West Island is Anglo while 20% is Franco. In Ottawa where Costco has bilingual signs, 50% are not Franco. It is less. Why not have bilingual signs and show respect for the majority of their shoppers? There is NO law against having bilingual signs in QC as long as the English is smaller. We are only asking Costco to show the amount of respect in QC as is allowed by law!

  10. Ann says:

    Never returned my card since I’m english and as you say no english signs anywhere !!!

  11. Stephanie a says:

    I will continue not to get a membership.

  12. Frances Hanson says:

    I was at Sears Canada in Brossard, today, was just about to purchase a mattress. The clerk took at a contract to get a Sears’ Card, I noticed it was in French, I immediately asked for an English one, which he had available. While waiting for him to complete it, I began noticing that there was not one English sign on anything in the store. In a quick instance I said to myself, I am not buying anything here, and made the clerk aware why I was not buying the mattress. SEARS CANADA WHAT THE HELL IS THIS

  13. Brainwave says:

    If the management of Costco and other stores feel, as the PQ membership does,that the speaking of french is on the wane, then they can avoid putting out any language on their signs other than french. There is no law that says they have to have english, They are allowed to put english but it’s not a requirement. If the french speaking people are given better employment opportunities then francophones will eventually make it to management level and they will not have any qualms about avoiding english in their signage. Boycott them if you want to but I’m sure that they make enough money off the french speaking population and the bilingual ones to laugh off the boycott.

    • pafmurray says:

      “Brainwave”! Thank you very much for your A-M-A-Z-I-N-G revelation! The Director of Membership of Costco Canada is Mathieu Legros. That is about as Anglo as one can be! 🙂 The managers of the QC warehouses are likely all Francophones. Do you have anything to add to your brainwave?

    • I was going to reply to the inanity that is “brainwave” but Pat Murray did it better. Logically if French is on the wane you put up FEWER French signs,. not more, unless you are propping up a minority at the expense pf the rest of your customers. When you ignore anglophones in favour of francophones you are most definitely discriminating against them. Of course, brainwave sees neither harm nor hypocrisy in that. No francophile does.

  14. tyler says:

    Wow you are very stupid, Ottawa is in Ontario were they do not have something called the language police. If Costco were to have English first or at all that could jeperdise there profit’s. I would rather have a Costco than no Costco. If you don’t like it then do go there.

    • pafmurray says:

      The only reason why I am publishing Tyler’s comment is to show what kind of imbeciles are out there. Tyler; Bilingual signs are legal. Costco is the 2nd largest retailer in the world. If you have proof that backs up what you are saying re profits then please provide it. Does Costco experience any backlash in the US when they put up Spanish signs? Go back to flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s! Incidentally, McDonald’s has a apostrophe in QC. Yrs ago when the OQLF told them to take out the apostrophe, McDonald’s told them that they would shut down their restaurants in QC before they removed it. JERK!

      • Alex says:

        Not publishing Tyler would be censorship though. I see nothing offensive in his comment in any way. Purely not allowing the comment because you are not of his opinion … Let’s see if my comment makes it 🙂

        As for proof about profits: There probably isn’t any proof about profits dropping. But there need not be any proof. The only thing necessary is fear. If Costco management fears that profits could drop, if they post English signs, then that’s enough not to post English signs. The fear of Anglos not buying because the signs are not in English is probably smaller, which is also understandable, given that Anglos “are used to it in Quebec by now”. Judging by the overflowing parking lot, they “did the right thing” money wise. They may have the same profits if they switched to English and French signs, but given the fear they have, why would they?

        They don’t have backlash in the US, but they probably have MORE customers by publishing in Spanish. It’s all about the money. As has been said, costco is an American company. I bet they won’t publish in Spanish in areas that have a very low number of Spanish speaking people living there. I honestly don’t know if they maybe already do that, but in Vancouver Costco might want to post sign in English and Chinese 🙂

      • pafmurray says:

        Tyler? Are you aware that Costco recently went to court against the QC govt? It had everything to do with language and QC wishing to get into trademark (federal) law yet Costco fought it. Somehow I do not think that Costco is too concerned with losing “profits” in QC over language.

  15. Mentos and coke says:

    I don’t shop at Costco, but if i am not able to understand what I am buying without having a little sign telling me what it is and looking at a bOx of Tide and understanding what it is . Then i should let someomeone else do my shopping. Ohhhh so complicated to buy basic stuff.

    • pafmurray says:

      Thank you for your comment! It has 0 to do with “Tide”. Is has everything to do with R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Do the Francos of Ottawa not understand English? Do the Spanish speakers in TX, CA, NM, FL, AZ etc. not understand TIDE?

  16. Mentos and coke says:

    Wll is it just that i can tolerate english en franch and spanish and chinese eveywhere without having to call the language police and United Nation. There are toher problem far more important but there seem some need to focus on this.
    That is why we will never have affinities with majority of Canada and you should just ditch that damn province that does not even have opil aynway. We could take New yorker and bring them here and they will not even worry about that They just want to live and be happy.

  17. Mentos and coke says:

    I am a languuage police

  18. Colleen McKeown says:

    Language police? Boo Hoo let’s takeaway All French signs since we don’t need any to explain what Tide is or any other product, RIGHT????? Oh no don’t take away French signs we need to let everyone know we are our own distinct society. We cannot lose our identity! We already pay billion of dollar for dis oh no we are scared what will the rest of Quebec tink of us????

    • pafmurray says:

      48% of Quebecois are for all intents and purposes illiterate. There should be buttons on shelves next to products mentioning details about that particular product!:)

      • Alex says:

        Insulting them will not make it more likely for them to pay any R-E-S-P-E-C-T to English signs (not that they’re likely to go to this site here, but still).

        I’m all for this. I signed the petition. But if the Anglo side just insults the franco side, then it’s not worth supporting. To win, we have to be better, not worse.

      • pafmurray says:

        Thank you very much for signing the petition Alex. Who are we insulting? Costco?

  19. Colleen McKeown says:

    Illiterate? Oh that explains why I see some of them shopping and instead of carrying a grocery list they have empty boxes and labels so they will remember what they needed. There are plenty of ENGLISH people shopping there give them more books and magazines to buy ! The illiterate cannot read them c’mon have a heart eh! Costco is overpriced on pretty much everything and I don’t even see the need for their existence people buy things they don’t need!
    Show more respect for people who want their kids to have ENGLISH books and put up signs in English for respect! Not everyone is from St.Louis de Ha Ha

    • Alex says:

      And this is why I’d really like to un-petition now, when I see WHY the Francophones don’t respect the Anglophones. We apparently aren’t any better.

      • pafmurray says:

        Alex; The reality is that Quebec is a sociological basket case. The lowest level of charitable giving/volunteerism/entrepreneurship. The highest level of high school drop outs and of pet abandonment. The Quebecois suffer from a group inferiority complex. The language laws are simply an example of over-compensation. Put the Anglos down in the guise of protecting the French language! What a crock! Bring any of the above to the attention of most Quebecois and watch the defense mechanisms kick in. Very unfortunately the Quebecois have yet to mature as a society, as if it wasn’t the church keeping them down it was the politicians. 😦

  20. bob gratton says:

    Suce ma grosse graine et étouffe toi avec.

    P.s learn french you retard (no disrespect to retards intented . I pity peoples like him giving bad rep to his kind).

  21. Lou F. W. Israel says:

    Bob Gratton’s comments are useful. They illustrate exactly what “equality” and “fairness” means in the eyes of Kaybec francophones.
    For those reading this series of comments, Paf Murray quotes statscan confirming Kaybec has both the lest generous citizens (on average) and those who volunteer the least. But why should they, when they received billions of dollars a year from English Canada?

  22. pafmurray says:

    The median annual receipted charitable contribution of a tax filer in QC that donated in 2013 was only 41.9% of a tax filer in 9th place/poorer New Brunswick. The only reason why QC’s median is so high is because not all in QC are Quebecois. It is a VERY sad situation in QC.

  23. Jim says:

    what’s the big deal? I’m an Anglo and don’t mind reading french only signs at all. Just learn to read a bit of French, it’s not rocket science!
    Moreover, people who shop at COSTCO should be ashamed of themselves, no matter what language they speak! That is the issue here, not this petty and ridiculous peition about signs.

    An english montrealer.

    • pafmurray says:

      Jim has obviously missed the entire point, and has made none. Does anyone wish to explain the rationale to him?

      • Lou F. W. Israel says:

        The question is does he WANT to understand, or is he going to throw up irrelevant ad hoc arguments that ONLY benefit racist francophones?

  24. Jim says:

    Your point is that Costco should have bilingual signs because we are a bilingual society and English speakers have the right (all true). My point is that the mere fact you shop at COSTCO is far more egregious than your indignance at this minor infringement of your rights. Moreover, as an anglo who speaks multiple languages I’m tired of such arguments when english speakers clearly have the linguistic upper hand on a global scale and continue to try to anglicize the world without bothering to learn foreign languages themselves. Thank god for the younger generation of bilingual quebecers who switch freely back and forth and don’t care about such petty stuff.

    • Lou F. W. Israel says:

      We are NOT a bilingual society and I don’t know which francophone told you this but they are wrong, and you need look no further than Kaybec for proof..
      The idea that we know French (regardless that some do not) and should allow OUR LANGUAGE to be hidden from us in a store IS a right.

      Funny, the younger generation of Kaybecers do not seem to have a problem eliminating English from sight, as do you.

      OK, let’s see: I’m tired of all the arguments when educated francophones clearly have the linguistic upper hand on a national scale and continue to try to francicize/frenchify the world (which they do, even in the US) without bothering to learn foreign languages themselves.
      Sounds familiar?

  25. pafmurray says:

    Actually Jim; the unfortunate fact of the matter is that Quebecois society suffers from a group inferiority complex. The language laws, supposedly meant to protect the French language are nothing but an overcompensation on the part of Quebecois society. Sadly, Quebecois society was kept from maturing by the Church and then, since Duplessis, by nationalist governments (“Maitres chez nous” {Jean Lesage}), especially the Parti Quebecois. I take exception to a majority having to put down a minority in order to feel superior. The “racism” is endemic. A look at our civil service clearly shows this. Another example was the PQ’s proposed Bill 14. Bilingualism is wonderful. Its great for the brain. Three languages are better than two, etc. In any event if Costco has bilingual signs in Ottawa, Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, in Washington state and I suspect elsewhere, then IMHO they should have them in Montreal as well, IF only to show that they have as much respect for Montreal’s Anglos, as they have for Ottawa’s French speakers and the Spanish speakers in the US!

    • Lou F. W. Israel says:

      ACTUALLY, Mr. Murray the logic should be if Costco has bilingual signs where the minority language is 15% they sure as hell should have them where the minority language is 40-60% and n\higher!

  26. Jim says:

    I don’t understand Lou’s poorly phrased argument. I am a Quebec born anglo, live in Montreal east, try to speak french wherever possible, but most francophones will happily converse with me in English if they can. Many are actually proud of their mastery of english. Yesterday, I worked with a group of volunteer students from NDG. Without exception, all of them happily switched between english and french during the course of the day. Lou, your attitude towards ‘Kaybec’ reflects nothing but scorn and disdain.

    I couldn’t care less if Costo, Walmart and their ilk put their signs only in Swahili, if that could prevent people from shopping there – but I doubt it would.

    Point of agreement – I am against the Office de la Langue Francaise when they try to regulate language and culture through politics and bureacracy. Language and culture are organic and grow through their own inner strengths and not via regulation. If somebody wants to put their signs in Swahili only they should be allowed to do so. It makes better business sense to put them in French and English though.

    Pafmurray, understood our society has many problems and lack of confidence is one of them. It is related to confusion about our national identity, values and history. We have chosen to adopt a consumerist mode of living (hence, Costco/Walmart) and have lost our contact with our history, ideals, traditions, and the natural world which surrounds us. Sadly, this applies ACROSS CANADA and not only to Quebec as you seem to believe!

    • Lou F. W. Israel says:

      I’ll try to use smaller words for Jim. it’s true that sometimes my arguments can become rather complex.

      Do not take your experience to be the typical one. I have been harassed, stalked, followed, threatened and assaulted for using English, or requesting, never mind demanding to, even when I lived in Kaybec. YOU may not incur wrath of racist francophones but we ALL know someone who has.

      Kaybec has earned every single bit of scorn and disdain I can heap upon it, having spent four decades there.

      Once again—there is a great lack of disrespect, ignorance and discrimination perpetuated (is that too big a word?) by Costco in this matter, and I have politely but firmly pointed it out to them. I would not choose to shop there in Kaybec if there were an alternative and would absolutely encourage a boycott, as well as a shaming of those who wish to destroy all vestiges—sorry, too biog a word–traces—of English, as has been done and is being done, NOT ONLY in Kaybec but also Ottawa and eastern Ontario.

      What Jim seems not to get is that although there are some French Canadians who are happy to speak English to us, the majority wish us gone and hate our language and will everything possible to eradicate (oops, sorry, big word again) it from view and eliminate it from speech whenever and wherever possible. I have been told to “go back where you came from” in the very province I GREW UP IN. Yes indeed, Kaybec is contemptible, and it took me many many years to come to that conclusion.

      If we were a bilingual country, we woudl be switching back and forth to whichever language is better spoken by the participants. However, we are NOT a bilingual country, only a Frenchfiied one, with francophones constantly, relentless and forcefully trying to cram French down our throats wherever and however they can, including misleading companies, politicians, and quislings like Jim. (I will allow him to look that word up.)

      I hope I have spoken more plainly and eloquently on this matter.
      (Oh, and we made a HUGE mistake in 1995 and I would happily help Kaybec separate again, as long as the new borders are discussed first.)

    • pafmurray says:

      Jim, Your ability to draw logical conclusions really sucks. How you arrived at: “Sadly, this applies ACROSS CANADA and not only to Quebec as you seem to believe!” is totally weird. Perhaps if you re-read what I wrote you may actually understand? Quebec really has no peer in Canada. Quebec is most definitely a distinct society and quite sadly, a sociological basket case

  27. Jim says:

    Lou is quite obviously the racist here and any wrath wrought upon him is well deserved. I can guarantee my experience is by far more representative than his distorted view which is based on intolerance and most likely incompetence in even the most basic words of courtesy in French. Your whining about the harassment of not being able to shop at mega-american-corporation-with-zero-canadian-content in your soon-to-be-extinct language of English is almost as pathetic as your attempts at humor.

    Pafmurray, you say that Quebec’s language laws are a reflection of a group inferiority complex. I had stated already that I disagree with language legislation in principle because language is an organic entity that evolves through its own selective advantages. Language legislation in Quebec is indeed misguided and the money and time would be better spent on fostering literacy, creativity, science, innovation, etc. Regarding the group inferiority complex, I agreed with you with the caveat that it extends to all Canadians. I’ve lived in the USA and abroad more than half my life and for the most part the cultural difference between Quebecois and English Canadians dissolves when viewed from a global perspective. Canadians, on the whole, Quebecois included, suffer from a lack of confidence (your ‘inferiority’) due partly to our inability to define ourselves (lack of national identity) and partly to our mindless consumerist society. We’ve lost our core values, our ideals of what a good society should be, and what’s left is meaningless rituals like shopping at Costco.

    If you think that Quebec is a sociological basket case then you should definitely alleviate your bitterness and move to the promised lands of Ontario or New Brunswick or Alberta. In the meanwhile the Anglos who remain here will hopefully engage in something less absurd and more positive than bickering about the language of signs in Costco.

  28. pafmurray says:


    Off the top of my head; Quebec has the lowest level of charitable giving of any state/province in Canada/USA. If you compare what the Ste Justine and Mtl Children’s net, there is not much diff. While the St J raises a bit more, their expenses are higher so the net is the same. The constituency of the St J for Greater Montreal is 5X that of the Mtl Children’s. McGill raises 7X what the U de M raises. The per capita contribution for all areas of medical research is about 50% per capita of what it is elsewhere.

    The only reason why charitable giving in QC is as high as it is, is because not everyone here is Quebecois.
    The rate of volunteerism in QC is about 80% of that of 9th place Ontario.
    The rate of high school drop outs is the highest in the industrialized world and the Franco sector is FAR worse than the Anglo sector.
    Pet abandonment is the highest in Canada.
    QC enjoys the lowest rate of entrepreneurs in Canada.

    There are other examples but I do not have the stats to quote and no inclination to find them at this time as there is really nothing to be gained by elucidating on such a matter
    If I mention that Quebec is a sociological basket case, it is because the logical conclusion from the above is such.

  29. Lou F. W. Israel says:

    I won’t reply to Jim any more since his twisted mind has decided that because I am picked on, that I am racist. AND unilingual. And who knows what other stories he has concocted.

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