My friend Joey Pugliese Freelance journalist at Inc has a problem with air conditioners that he recently purchased at your store in Lasalle.

I live in the West Island and in a week or so IF the problem is not rectified to Joey’s satisfaction, I will be demonstrating outside of your Kirkland outlet with a sign that asks people to Google the title of this blog.

IF you think that doing as I will do does not work, please ask Costco what happened when I put up

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IF YOU spent 5 minutes and opened up a Tangerine Bank account, as has been encouraged since late September, we would have the necessary $$$$$ to target Anglos in QC and encourage them to avoid the particular retailers that do not post bilingual signs, etc.

In the meantime I encourage you to send my SAQ GoFundMe page (below) to Canadian Tire, COSTCO, Winners, The Bay, along with any other retailers; and inform them that we are not adverse to targeting others, aside from the SAQ when we can!


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The Bay has been asked by hundreds of people to post bilingual signs as the law allows.

The Bay refuses to post any at their downtown store.

IF you believe that the Bay should show the same level of respect for minorities as do other retailers please go to their Facebook page  and tell them!

La Baie has banned Harold Staviss from posting any comments on their FB page. How low can they go?? Remember, a demonstration is being organized for this month in front of The Bay’s downtown store. Please show your support by e-mailing your coordinates to

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On December 22, the following blog post appeared and over 3,000 signed the petition in 24 hours! Over 14,160 have now signed!

Can we reach 20,000?

You are encouraged to sign the petition and share the petition once per week on Facebook!

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your note and for bringing the situation to our attention. We have contacted the customer and offered him our apologies for this incident. This was an isolated occurrence and does not reflect the service provided to our customers at this supermarket or in any of our Metro stores.

We also thank you for your comments regarding the signage in our store and have taken note of your suggestions.

Yours truly,


December 14

On December 7, “an elderly gentleman” seemingly was told to F Off for asking a question of an employee in English at the Metro in Pincourt.

The following paragraph was written by a witness (Heather Czerkawski) and the second paragraph was written by her husband, Eric Reid (also a witness). You are encouraged to write to Metro (link below) and ask them what they intend to do. You may wish to consider informing METRO that you will NOT be shopping at any METRO until this matter has been rectified. Please be polite:

I am gutted at what Eric and I had to witness tonight. Metro on Cardinal-Leger in Pincourt Qc must take action on their employee at the chicken counter. An elderly man was told to F off because he didn’t speak French. While to most this is a simple language issue, to me it’s more. It is about how you behave at your place of work and about respecting your elders. You are entitled to have any political belief you want, but the second you come to work you need to put it aside and respect your customers and coworkers. Not just because it’s the mature thing to do but because it’s the right thing to do. This man just wanted to buy his dinner! Instead he was discriminated against for language. In the world we live in today is language really the priority??? This ignoramus working the chicken counter has tarnished a store and a brand. I was at the cash and able to hear this employee screaming at the customer. I could also hear the man standing up for himself … Something I would not have been able to do. 

“He kept screaming if you don’t speak french get out and kept repeating the same sentence , to boot the management defends him they told me well its not his fault he doesn’t speak English , I said I don’t care if you speak french English or German the point is he yelled out if you don’t speak french get out and refused to serve this gentleman who just wanted dinner.”


Here is Metro’s email address:  

Be sure to mention their outlet in Pincourt, QC! 

METRO does NOT want you to share this post for obvious reasons. They operate stores in Ontario under the names Farm Boy and Metro. The above happened on December 7 and we are still waiting to hear from Metro!

AFTER you contact METRO and share this blog, PLEASE sign and share the END THE OQLF petition and the one regarding the lack of bilingual signs at some of The Bay’s outlets in Montreal!*********************************************************

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Is Something Rotten at Bento Sushi?


Linda S. wrote upon Facebook: “How nice. Just sitting in the food court at Fairview Pointe Claire and noticed that all English has been removed from the menu at Bento Sushi. Nice way to value your English customers. A few weeks ago their menu was posted in both languages. Just another establishment to avoid.”

She wrote to Bento Sushi and received:

Hi Linda,

Thank you for taking the time to write to Bento’s feedback to address your concerns.

I’m sorry for your bad experience with us. When designing these menu boards we looked at how the other food companies in the mall were doing their signage, and the majority were French only so we went that route. When we look at re-designing the menu boards in the future we will strongly consider adding in the English translation.

Best regards,

Alma Mendoza│Marketing Coordinator

Personally I think that Ms. Mendoza replied without giving the matter too much thought.

Please feel free to write to Alma Mendoza at and tell her what you think of her reply!

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Is Something Rotten at David’s Tea?

On December 18 Colleen McKeown asked David’s Tea why they have no bilingual signs at their outlets in Greater Montreal.

Kirsten Sherwin of David’s Tea replied:

From: Kirsten Sherwin []
Sent: December 19, 2015 11:34 AM
To: Colleen McKeown
Subject: RE: Hello

Hi Colleen,

Thank you for your email.

We take all of our customers’ feedback seriously and we have shared your email with our marketing team for their consideration.

We make sure to be as bilingual as possible and have taken measures to better serve both our English and French customers. All of our window advertisements are bilingual, as well as our packaging and website. Our staff are fluently bilingual in both English and French, so that our customers can be served in the language of their choice. Customers can also choose the labelling in the language of their choice when purchasing bulk tea. Can you specify which store you recently visited and what product or signage you want it in your preferred language?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our displays we have been unable to fit French and English messaging on our tea wall labels. We’ve attempted bilingual signs in the past and have found that the words become so small as to be difficult to read which benefits neither our valued English customers nor our French ones.

There is absolutely no disrespect intended. We work tirelessly to provide all our customers with a fantastic experience and we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Best regards,

Kirsten Sherwin
Service à la clientèle | Customer Service


Harold Staviss wrote to Ms. Sherwin after seeing her reply:

I understand that you take all of your customers’ feedback seriously, that
you work tirelessly to provide all your customers with a fantastic
experience, that you make sure to be as bilingual as possible and that you
have taken measures to better serve your Francophone and Anglophone
customers. That is really great and fantastic on paper; however, you are
definitely falling short of your goal. With all due respect, what you say
and what you do are two different things. While your employees may be
fluently bilingual and your website and labelling may be in both French and
English, that is the extent of your respect. What you are doing is offending
your non-francophone customers and kowtowing to the OQLF. If you really want
to do what you are so proudly preaching, why not have all of your store
signage in both French and English as provided for under the relevant
provisions of the Charter of the French Language? It is a shame that
Davidstea, originating in Montreal, with Anglophone founders, categorically
shows such a total lack of Respect to English speaking people. It would be
interesting for you and your marketing team to visit any Second Cup Coffee
outlet where you will not only notice how bilingual their signage is, but
how they have found a way to have their food labels in both French and
English as well. Any oh yes, their staff, their website and their labels are
equally bilingual. If Second Cup can show Respect, why not DavidsTea?

I look forward to hearing further from you with your comments.

With kind regards.

Harold Staviss


Please feel free to write to Ms. Sherwin and tell her what you think.

Please note that Every sign at IKEA in St. Laurent is bilingual. Here is what IKEA has to say on the topic: 

Thank you for contacting IKEA Canada and for taking the time to share your impressions of our IKEA Montreal store. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed out bilingual signage during your recent visit.

At IKEA we believe in diversity and equality. Everyone is welcome and everyone should feel appreciated for their differences as well as their similarities.

We also believe in upholding fundamental human rights, and creating a better everyday life for our many co-workers and our customers.

Please note that your feedback will be shared with the appropriate department for review.

We truly value your opinion, as well as the opinion of all our customers. We look forward to serving you in the future.

If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


IKEA Canada Customer Service

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